About BCH Enterprises
Brian C. Horey has been a photographer since his graduate
school days at Syracuse University.  He started out doing standard
35mm photography including a full color darkroom in his New
Berlin home.  In 1980 Brian joined with Timothy McNerney to form
TRIO Visual Communications, a communications consulting firm,
that created slide shows for corporate clients including NBT Bank
in Norwich New York, the Keith Clark Company in Sidney and other
businesses and organizations in the Central New York area.

Brian has always been interested in high school sports and in the
early 1990's created
BCH Enterprises to market a variety of photo
related products.  His efforts were largely centered around his
growing childrens' participation in the performing arts - the school
concert band and jazz ensemble, dance, winter guard and
associated activities.  His son, Jason, participated in the New
Berlin band from 5th grade until his graduation in 1996 and played
with the Binghamton Youth Symphony Orchestra for five years.  
Daughters, Carol and Marissa, both accomplished dancers, were
also involved in various amateur theater productions, in school
and with regional theater groups.  Both were also active with winter
guard.  For many years, Brian and his wife, Betty, traveled the
Mid-York and North-East Winter Guard circuits and provided
participants, parents, grandparents and others with photo t-shirts,
buttons, flags, magnets, prints and other mementos.  Betty died in
January 2002 and Brian dropped much of the very time demanding
activities when he returned to public services as a math and
technology teacher in the Charlotte Valley school district.
About Us
However, he maintained his interest in
sports, particularly soccer and continued
doing sports photography with the
Stamford Mayor's Cup and Chic Walshe
Tournaments for many years.  During
2005-2006 he expanded service into
basketball and wrestling and at the
invitation of area districts has become a
fixture at numerous Holiday
Tournaments.  The addition of new
product lines including photo mugs have
proven very popular.