Guidelines for Team & Individual Photos for BCH Enterprises

If you are providing photos for creating buttons, mugs or other photo products to be created by BCH
Enterprises please note the following guidelines in order that you will have the best products.

If you are sending a limited number (probably under six) photos simply attach them to an e-mail
addressed to
BrianH3@Citlink.Net.  Note that some e-mail servers limit total e-mail file size including
attachments to 5 Mb or less.  If you are sending more than six images we would recommend burning
them to a CD and sending them to BCH Enterprises, PO Box 278, New Berlin, NY 13411 (607-847-
6324) in addition to sending an e-mail containing basic information on quantity desired, size, team
colors and descriptions.  Please use full team names not abbreviations to insure accuracy.

Basic guidelines:

1.        Send files as JPG images if possible (we can use TIFF and other
formats but JPG simply works the best for most applications).  Send the
highest quality images (within reason) especially for large team photos.  
Photos for individuals do not have to be huge but do not send thumbnail
(small) images.

2.        Format the photos for your desired product – take different photos for the best results.  
Remember buttons are
round – especially on individual shots be sure that there is sufficient room to
make a circular cutout.  A
horizontal format works best for buttons as well as photo mugs – which are
long and narrow.   We strongly suggest shooting with athletes in their game uniforms for individual
photos (buttons, etc.) not sweats (parents identify with the numbers and makes subsequent ordering
of more buttons much easier).  Just shoot with the numbers showing and have them drop their arms
straight with their sides.  Be sure to leave a little room above their head.

3.        Make sure the background is neutral in color and content.
Avoid shooting against bleachers (they often cause nasty reflections
if using flash) or other cluttered backgrounds.  If possible, avoid
shooting against your school colors – we’ll use them on the outer
rings of buttons and colors rarely match exactly.  Use an off white
or gray background if possible.  Make sure nobody is walking
behind on individual shots if possible.

4.        If you are still using film rather than digital media, when you
have your photos processed simply ask to have them converted to
CD as well (Wal
*Mart, Walgreens, Kinney, Carls and many others now offer this
service and it only cost a little more).
Photo Guidelines