BRIANthePHOTOguy has been producing photo
products for
over 15 years.  We do sports - soccer,
football, basketball, wrestling, track & field, softball and
baseball.  But we also do dance recitals, theater and
school plays.  Also specialized photo events such as
high school graduations, donkey basketball games
and other fun stuff. In addition to photo prints from 4x6"
20x30" (and larger) we also provide a wide variety of
photo related products including photo t-shirts, sweat
shirts, mouse pads, buttons (2 1/4" and 3 1/2"),
magnets, puzzles and our newest addition, photo
We provide a full range of photo products
We've been in business for over 15 years
Please contact us with any questions - our
e-mail address is BrianH3@Citlink.Net
Our service region  is largely central New York state and the southern tier - generally within
100 miles of the Oneonta area.

We do many high school sports events including the Stamford Mayor's Cup Soccer Tournament
and the Chic Walshe Tournament in Davenport.
We also done the Morris Booster Club's
Basketball Tournament at SUCO, and the boys Holiday Tournaments at Laurens and the girls
tournament at Charlotte Valley.  We also cover the sectional and State tournaments in soccer,
wrestling and basketball for area and state news media including the Daily Star in Oneonta, the
Plattsburgh Press Republican, the Jamestown Post-Journal and others.  Our primary goal is to
preserve the memories with quality photo products.

But we also do school plays, dance recital, graduations and even donkey basketball - so check
us out.
Use our photographs or yours...

We provide a wide range of custom photo
products utilizing our unique multi-image
photo collages along with standard photo
products.  But we also can use your
photographs - customize a special t-shirt,
transfer memories into a photo mug, money
bank, candle holder or a jar, create a mouse
pad for your parents, grandparents or a
special friend.  Review the rest of our site for
directions and costs.
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